Welcome to My Thing

Fallout GuyI’ve got a lot of blogs.  Not enough to take over the internet, but a lot.  Some of them are strange.  Some of them are abandoned experiments.  A lot I still use when I have time.

But as strange as it might seem, none of them are just about stuff that I like.  They may touch on that here and there, but they don’t focus on it.  So I’m retrofitting this particular blog for that purpose.

I like a lot of geeky things, and when the mood strikes me, I’ll talk about them here.  Feel free to comment.  Of course, I’ll feel free to delete your comments if you act like a tool.

I’ll be talking about things from Batman to Power Girl, the Avengers to the Avengers, and Battlestar Gallactica to Star Wars.  And comics.  Lots of that. Should be a blast.Batman and PG

If you’re here looking for the business site for Big Kahuna Ventures, its still here.  Just buried.  Otherwise, enjoy!